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Ellora Paints


To become a trusted Paint company; built on the fundamentals of ethics, transparency and faith in GOD; creating a world coloured in the shades of Ellora Excellence; offering Excellence in Product Quality as a result of our tireless efforts and enjoying the success that only Excellence can bring; thereby setting new benchmarks of Excellence in the Paint industry


  • To create an environment of excellence both within and without the organisation by fostering a culture of innovation and teamwork among all our stakeholders
  • To build an organisation with a foundation on Kerala soil and leave footprints that will extend across the entire country.
  • To add value to the colour palette of the world by introducing product baskets that live up to environmental responsibilities and heed the conscience of conservation
  • To be a corporate organisation that stands tall in the reflection of the Grace and Glory that can only be gifts from GOD.

A philosophy called…Ellora Excellence

Reflections of Nature and Time

Nature… in all its variant hues is a brilliant portrayal of the most perfect painting. Ellora Paints captures this brilliance through the spectrum of colours they offer. Over a decade ago, an aspiring small scale industry set up operations to meet the growing requirement for cost-effective paint solutions in Kerala. With time, the enterprise gained a firm foothold in the market and from then on, there was no looking back.

Today, Ellora Paints is an enterprise stacked with a comprehensive range of products, a rock solid reputation for quality, focus on innovation and uncompromising standards, and has become a familiar name in millions of households across the length and breadth of Kerala.

Headquartered in Ernakulam, with two manufacturing units at Cherthala, a depot at Kochi and one in Calicut, along with an extensive dealer network, Ellora Paints has ensured for itself an unshakeable foundation for growth and success.

Built on the backbone of our team

Ellora Paints derives its strength from the expertise of our competent staff who have highly diversified and dependable experience in all areas of operation. Our team of long-standing employees work together to maximise our originality and ingenuity, and are committed to the never-ending quest for excellence in products, sales and service.

Nurturing relationships with customers

Our focus is to build a reputation of excellence; Ellora Excellence, as we have termed it; in the specialised paint business through customer-driven innovations. We maintain exceedingly high standards in production by constantly improving our production techniques. We provide our customers with a high level of confidence that we shall not only meet their expectations but also exceed them. We have consistently abided by this creed and hence we strive for excellence with a steadfast commitment to ensure that our products will leave a long lasting impression - everywhere.

A network that counts

With over 500 dealers across the state, a vibrant and active sales team that spends the entire working month on the field and an efficient delivery mechanism, Ellora Paints has emphatically established its stronghold in the paint segment in Kerala. We also provide prompt after sales service and have an effective distribution & sales network.

The Ellora palette

In a market inundated with diverse paint products, myriad variants, value adds and more, Ellora Paints has created a comprehensive portfolio of paint products that encompasses customer preferences for affordability, durability, and even a niche range of paints that is environment friendly.

The vibrant palette of Ellora paints has been systematically segregated into three product baskets that each represent the various needs of the customer. These three product baskets offer affordability, durability and perfection as their primary USPs. They are Ellosave, Ellosmart and Elloluxe respectively.

Innovation through R& D

As part of our commitment to the philosophy of Excellence, we take advantage of global technology, by employing and empowering the specific and focused insights of our competent R&D team. And, that’s how we successfully provide our customers with superior coating systems built on innovative and superior products and world class solutions, thereby reaffirming our resolve to strengthen our leadership in specialised painting solutions. Because, we believe that if there’s a better way to do it, we’ll find it.

Looking ahead

With escalating material and labour costs, challenging work environment, paucity of power and other infrastructural requirements, the challenges faced by the paint manufacturing industry in Kerala are many. But, Ellora Paints faces all these with the unshakeable belief in the grace of Jesus Christ along with the insightful vision of our competent management and dedication of our vibrant team. We intend to foray into the future with confidence and determination. And so, we invite you to pick your favourite colour and paint your dream in all the shades of Ellora Excellence.

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